Laboratory International Theater Festival «Prima Del Teatro», July 2018.

From July 13 to July 30, 2018 in the city of San Miniato Italy, the Primo del Teatro festival was held. At this festival, another work on theatrical biomechanics took place. The work was based on the plays of Chekhov by Three Sisters and the Bear.

The work was carried out in several directions. The method of working with text through game structures was mastered. Conducted effective and literary analysis of the text. The principles of theatrical biomechanics were studied, on the basis of which work was carried out on the construction of scenes. Students of theater academies from Italy, England, France, Belgium, Germany took part in the laboratory. Students mastered some of the directions from the subject of stage movement: steam and individual acrobatics, work with a large object (chair, table, bench …), work with space, teamwork, etc. A lot of time was devoted to working with emotional gestures and music. Work was carried out on the combination of text and movement in various variants of construction based on the principles of theatrical biomechanics. The influence of these two processes was studied.

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